Red Rock Family Practice

Discount Medical Fee Program Policy



It is the policy of Red Rock Family Practice, P.C. to provide essential services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.  Discounts are offered depending upon household income and size.  A sliding fee schedule is used to calculate the basic discount and it will be updated each year using the federal poverty guidelines. A minimum payment of 3.65 will be required for all office visits. Once approved, the discount will be honored for one year, after which the patient must reapply.


Discount Application Process

A completed application, including documentation of household income and insurance coverage must be on file. Adults living in homes with others must include income for all those within the household that contribute support to the applicant. 

   Required documentation is last year’s income tax return, last three pay stubs, a Medicaid denial letter, and any other form of documented income. Any insurance or insurance reimbursement programs must be disclosed to Red Rock Family Practice.  Zero income responses will not be accepted.  Failure to provide proper documentation within 30 days will result in the application being denied.


Services Covered

The discount will apply to all medical services given by physicians at Red Rock Family Practice. Office visits will be limited to three per month. Additional visits will be decided based upon the individual doctor’s discretion.  Pharmacy samples will be provided when available without charge to the patient.